• Application Areas of Torque Sensors
    Application Areas of Torque Sensors Nov 24, 2023
    Torque sensors play an important role as a key technology in modern industry. Whether in the manufacturing, automotive or energy sectors, the application of torque sensors provides accurate measurement and monitoring, helping organisations to achieve greater efficiency, quality and safety.Application Areas of Torque Sensors: 1. Manufacturing: In the manufacturing sector, rotational torque sen...
  • The Role of Torque Sensors
    The Role of Torque Sensors Nov 15, 2023
    Torque sensors have the following functions.1. Accurate Measurement and Control: Shaft to shaft rotary torque sensors accurately measure the torque on a rotating shaft and convert it into an electrical signal, allowing the user to monitor the operation of the equipment in real time. This accurate measurement helps to identify potential problems and take early action to avoid equipment failure and ...
  • Applications of Load Cell
    Applications of Load Cell Nov 10, 2023
    Load cell is the heart of the electronic balance. The rapid development of science and technology, the electronic balance made by the load cell has been widely used in various industries. As industrial production processes rely more and more on automation, tension and compression load cells have become a necessary device in process control. From large tanks, hoppers and other weight measurement, a...
  • Principles of load cell
    Principles of load cell Oct 25, 2023
    Load cell adopts the principle of resistance strain type, which can transform the gravity or pressure acting on the measured object into a measurable electrical signal.The force sensor is an elastomer (elastic element) that deforms elastically under the action of an external force, so that the resistance strain gauges affixed to its surface also deform. After the deformation of the resistance stra...
  • Introduction to Weighing Modules
    Introduction to Weighing Modules Sep 11, 2023
    Weighing Modules plays a vital role in numerous industries, ranging from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and agriculture. Accurate and reliable weight measurement is crucial for ensuring quality control, product consistency, and efficient operations. One essential component that enables precise weight measurement is the weighing module. In this blog post, we will explore the fundamentals...
  • Introduction of Tension Sensors
    Introduction of Tension Sensors Aug 31, 2023
    A tension sensor, also known as a tension load cell or tension transducer, is a device that measures and monitors the tension or force applied to an object. It is widely used in various industries, including manufacturing, material handling, automation, and research. Tension pick-up is designed to accurately measure the amount of force or tension being exerted on a specific point, wire, rope,...
  • Installation of multiple load cells
    Installation of multiple load cells Aug 17, 2023
    The use and installation of a single load cell is relatively simple and can be operated directly. However, the more common use is the combination of multiple load cells. The installation of multiple load cells requires more attention. Accurate installation is very useful for future operation. For example, a high-precision electronic balance, almost rarely use a load cell, there are often more than...
  • Classification and Principle of Torque Sensors
    Classification and Principle of Torque Sensors Jul 24, 2023
    Let's take a brief look at the common torque sensor classifications and principles. Non-contact torque sensors are also dynamic torque sensors, also known as torque sensors, torque speed sensors, rotating torque sensors and so on. Its input and output shafts are connected by a torsion bar, with a spline on the input shaft and a keyway on the output shaft. When the torsion bar is torsioned by the r...
  • Applications of Torque Sensor
    Applications of Torque Sensor Jul 04, 2023
    Torque sensors are mainly used to measure various torques, rotational speeds and mechanical efficiencies. They convert changes in torque into electrical signals, and their accuracy is related to the accuracy of the test system in which they are located. Its main feature is that it can measure both static torque and rotating torque, i.e. dynamic torque. And it has high detection accuracy, good stab...
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